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John Che

Recently, Peter O′Neill, president of Find Biometrics, interviewed John Che, president and CEO of ZKTeco, a global provider of biometric access control and time & attendance solutions. The conversation begins with talk of how well the company performed in 2015 and the launch of its new division, ZKAccess.

biometric security

On 28th October 2016, the 13th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security 2016 has finally come to an end, the 4-day event is bringing the curtain down. In these 4 days, incessant streams of visitors have come E2 International Hall and W4 Hall for ZKTeco annual security and multi-modal biometric verification technology products.

Security Hong Kong

On 27th October 2016, the 3rd day of the 13th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security, after live news and security inspection news have been released, today ZKTeco CO.,LTD. is introducing to you our highlights of security products.

security china

After a 2-year effort of independent development by ZKTeco Co. Ltd.′s Europe and China Research teams, ZKTeco CO., LTD. obtained certificates of China Ministry of Public Safety 5030C/6550/10080 International Standard A Class and 5030A/100100 International Standard B Class, which indicate ZKTeco′s marching in to the security inspection market.

The 13th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security 2016, the long awaited and concerned security industry event, has begun on 25th October until 28th October in China International Exhibition Center (New Center).

top security

On 24th October 2016, ZKTeco was again awarded 2016 China Security Top 10 National Brands organised by A&S Magazine, and has received the award in 2016 China International Security Summit and Forum, which is a significant approval and encouragement to ZKTeco′s effort to security industry.

electronic security

Electronic security news: Intersec Buenos Aires 2016, Argentinian′s most important fair for security, fire protection, electronic security, industrial security and personal protection, was held during 7th-9th September in La Rural Trade Center of Buenos Aires.

The meeting attracted experts from different fields of security industry to join. By co-operating and sponsoring the meeting, ZKTeco shows its support to the professional association.