After a 2-year effort of independent development by ZKTeco’s Europe and China Research teams, ZKTeco obtained certificates of China Ministry of Public Safety 5030C/6550/10080 International Standard A Class and 5030A/100100 International Standard B Class, which indicate ZKTeco’s marching in to the security inspection market.

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ZKTeco Security Inspection Series is developed with independent intellectual property rights and technical innovation, and is integrated with ZKTeco’s hybrid biometric verification technology. Black & white-list user system and global cloud data object identification in-depth learning center have also been established which provide flexible, convenient and complete 3rd party development port, and could be perfectly adopted by ZKTeco BioFrontliner hybrid biometric verification visitor management, car entrance management and freight management, which significantly enhances the scalability of security inspection products.

security china

Moreover, ZKTeco has released cutting-edge innovative full-line security inspection products in its first appearance in Security China, including X-ray object security inspection series, security door series and hand-held metal detection series etc. during the event, there have been crowds of visitors gathering for ZKTeco security inspection devices, and have expressed strong will to build partnerships and cooperation, they also have forecasted the security inspection new future of the integration of hybrid biometric verification technology and security devices. They will positively and actively explore the new era of visitor management, car entrance management and freight management. With innovation and revolution, ZKTeco will lead the industry development.

security china

2016 CPSE Day 2

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