Elite Pass
Elite Pass is a highly efficient and corrosion-resisitant facial recognition terminal adopting deep learning algorithm that can be installed on and is compatible with entrance products such as flap barriers, swing barriers, tripod turnstiles of ZKTeco and the third parties to be used under exterior and interior environments with different levels of salinity and humidity such as industrial and coastal areas.

With a provided pan-tilt bracket, users may adjust the direction and angle of this biometric terminal as desired to authenticate turnstile users of different height within 3 meters away from the access point, which must boost your existing security system.

Elite Pass is equipped with a 2MP starlight CMOS sensor camera with WDR function, which enables the terminal to recognize faces under extreme lighting conditions (from 0.5lux to 50,000lux), and a microwave detector which precisely detects the distance between a user and the device, then wakes the terminal to start verifying the user’s identity, which certainly takes the pressure off your security team.

Apart from that, Elite Pass is powered by the latest facial recognition algorithm and ZKTeco’s customized CPU for running the intellectualized engineering facial recognition algorithm. Together with the ultra-large capacity of up to 50,000 facial templates, Elite Pass offers unrivaled matching speed (less than 0.3 second per face) with strong anti-spoofing capability against almost all kinds of print and video attacks.
Faces 30,000 (standard)  / 50,000 (Optional)
Users 50,000
Transactions 1,000,000
User Photos 20,000
Event Photos 10,000
Compatibility Security Relay Box Wiegand / RS485 / RS232 Slave Reader With FP / RFID / Barcode (optional) ZKBioSecurity Software
Standard Functions Access Levels, Groups, Holidays, DST Duress Mode, Anti-Passback Record Query, Custom Wallpaper & Screen Saver, Tamper Switch Alarm
Access Control Interface Lock Relay Output Alarm Output / Auxiliary Input Exit Button / Door Sensor
Special Functions IP68 & IK04
Corrosion Resistant (GB/T2423.17-2008)
03s HightSpeed FacialVerication
Alive Body Detection
HTTPS Encryption (optional)
Event Snapshot
Communication TCP / IP, RS485 / RS232 Wiegand Input / Output Wi-Fi (optional)
Power OperatingVoltage 12V DC Current Draw < 2,000mA
Hardware 900MHz Dual Core Customized CPU
512MB RAM / 8G Flash
125KHz EMReader / 13.56MHZ MF (optional)
2MPWDR Low Light Camera
Hi-Fi Audio
Microwave Distance Detection Sensor
8" High Brightness IPSTouch LCD
Reset Button & Tamper Switch
Additional Info
Face Algorithm: ZKLiveFace 5.8
Working Temperature: -30°C ~ 60°C (-22°F ~ 140°F)
Working Humidity: ≤93%
Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ +65°C (-40°F ~ +149°F)
Storage Humidity: ≤93%
Net Weight: 1,706g
Dimensions (H*L*D): 343*144*94.8mm
Elite Pass Data Sheet
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Elite Pass User Manual
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Elite Pass Quick Start Guide
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Green Label Introduction
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Green Label Software Selection Guide
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Green Label Hardware Selection Guide
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