Electromechanical tyre killer is one of the most high-end vehicle access control products to prevent vehicle intrusion.

Drive unit is placed into one end of the tyre killer and the product is installed above ground level. its “one- piece” design is aimed to achieve smooth transmission of motion as well as minimize the effect of external factors.

To operate this device, you just need to use the remote controller to raise the spikes and it will be raised within 2 seconds for blocking vehicles in single directional driveway.
Material A3 Steel
Material thickness 12 / 14 / 16mm
Surface treatment Painted with reflective strip
IP rate IP67
Surface treatment Black and yellow
Length Customizable
Width 550mm
Height 85mm
Max. loading weight 80t
Weight with packing ≥220kg
Spike height 150mm
Spike thickness 12mm
Drive mode Electromechanical
Working environment -40 °C ~ +70°C
Control mode Short range wireless remote control / drive-by-wire
Control distance ≤100m
Remote control distance Within 50m
Raising / Lowering time ≤1~2s
Power supply 220V electric drive
System dynamic power 180W
ZK-TK500 Data Sheet
0.13 MB     2020-10-28
ZK-TK500 User Manual
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