Visible Light Facial Recognition & SDK
Release time: 2020-07-29
ZKTeco provides SDK software development tool kit and adjustment tools, which supports various programming languages and editing functions, for engineers, convenience to flexibly and efficiently develop their own applications. For example, shops' user system may apply ZKTeco Visible Light Recognition, staffs are thus notified upon VIPs'visit.

Visible Light Recognition SDK is widely applicable to different industries and businesses, complete SDK editing functions support and satisfy professional needs!

Application for Visible Light Facial Recognition

Visible Light Facial Recognition System is able to automatically recognize and track faces in videos. After installation, System is enabled to actively collect face images and perform matching and identification upon any human activity in its 3-meter distance. Upon successful verification, staffs are free to have entrance and exit without any queuing and waiting needed.

The Visible Light Facial Recognition System is widely suitable for various applications including offices, warehouses, clinics, manufacturing plants, catering premises and constructions sites etc. For staffs that have been tired of long queue, it no longer requires waiting long time and walking in front of conventional passive recognition systems for fingerprint or facial verification. Instead, with the great convenience and efficiency brought by the Visible Light Facial Recognition System, staffs only need to walk straight through and the System actively match faces and data.
Recognition distance up to 3m long and extra wide angle recognition

The recognition distance has been greatly extended up to 3 meters long, which significantly improves maximum traffic rate. While most of algorithms only support 15-degree angle facial recognition, ZKTeco supports 30-degree angle facial recognition.

  ZKTeco PUSH Protocol compared with other SDKs:
Simple setting without port mapping setting required, only low network knowledge required which enables quick setting for unskilled persons.
Utilizes HTTP/HTTPS protocols and supports cross-gateway and cross-external website functions, which enables quick development of cross-platform B/S structure software based on the Internet.
Server Requirements:
Using HTTP/HTTPS protocols, with no load balancing applied, a single unit of server is able to connect up to a thousand of ZKTeco devices, while NetSDK is only able to connect one to two hundreds of devices, thus 3rd party software based on ZKTeco SDK development and application is very suitable for middle to large scale project biddings.
Enrolment can be with customers' selfie photos. Once customers visit, responsible staffs receive SMS text notification automatically delivered by computer system that VIPs has arrived destined areas. Staffs can also review VIPs information (including names, interests and occupations etc.) with mobile phones to provide better and more flexible service.

In the past, Passengers must buy tickets in order to take shuttle bus. Now, with ZKTeco Visible Light Recognition, passengers' identities are already verified when boarding. If a person is not permitted to board, the driver will be instantly notified by automatic SMS notification by computer system in order to prevent non-permitted boarding.

With the integration, more manpower for ordering and serving customers can now be saved. Robots are able to register customers'faces, and customers are free to sit anywhere with robots'automatic location tracking and searching to deliver meals.