Web-Based Multi-Location Centralized Time Management Solution
Web-Based Multi-Location Centralized Time Management Solution

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You may contact our support team at softwaresupport@zkteco.com
Key Features:
•  Web-based Time Attendance Software
Flexible and Smart Shift Scheduling
Employee Self-Service
E-mail Alert for Request Approval
•  Simple Access Control
Auto Export of Attendance Report
Meeting Management
Scheduling by Group
Visitor Management (Optional)
Weekly Overtime Calculation
•  Auto-synchronization
Security Settings
Multiple Approval
Real-time Monitoring
•  Payroll Management
Attendance Calculation and Reports
Multiple Languages Available
Easy Integration with API
Mobile Application
Database Backup and Restore
BioTime 8.0 Web-Based Time & Attendance Management Software

BioTime 8.0 is a powerful web-based time and attendance management software that provides a stable connection to ZKTeco’s standalone push communication devices by Ethernet/Wi-Fi/GPRS/3G and working as a private cloud to offer employee self-service by mobile application and web browser.

Multiple administrators can access BioTime 8.0 anywhere using a web browser. It can easily handle hundreds of devices and thousands of employees and their transactions. BioTime 8.0 comes with an intuitive user interface that is able to manage timetable, shift and schedule and can easily generate attendance report.
  Global Rule & Local Rule Integration
    BioTime is a powerful time & attendance software which can set up various attendance rules that are applicable for the whole company, individual departments, individual attendance group.Users can set the attendance parameters like check-in, check out, overtime rules, rule for non-scheduled days
  Rule for Non-scheduled Days
  Rule for Non-scheduled Days is for personnel who are not specially assigned a schedule but have attendance punch records; then, the software will calculate the personnel's attendance according to the rules set.
  Overtime Rule
  Overtime can be set to “Disable Overtime”, “Calculaton OT”, “Approval OT” and “Approval OT Priority”
Disable Overtime: Disable the overtime function
Calculation OT: Calculate the overtime based on the punch time
Approval OT: Calculate the overtime based on the overtime application
Approval OT Priority: Preferentially calculate the overtime on the overtime application
  Missing Check-In and Check-Out Time
  When there is no Check-In record, the result can be set as “Late” or “Absent”
  When there is no Check-Out record, the result can be counted as “Early Leave” or “Absent”
  Web-Based Time & Attendance Software
    Users can access the centralized system anywhere by their web browser to remotely manage thousands of T&A terminals under the complex network (WLAN).
  Auto-Synchronization of Palm, Face, Fingerprint, and Card Templates
    Automatically synchronizing the data between devices and the server within the same “Area” to ensure the information is updated.
  Embedded HR Integration
    BioTime is a platform which can be integrated with ERP and HR software to do synchronization using API or database middle table.
  Multiple Scheduling
    Software administrator can assign exible scheduling, auto shift scheduling, department scheduling, group scheduling, temporary scheduling which support cross -day timing to the employees.
  Multi-Level Approvals and Automatic E-mail Alerts
    Leave, manual punches, overtime, schedule adjustment, meeting and other events can be applied through BioTime, which will then be approved by multi-level approvers who are set by hierarchal level.
  Attendance Group
    Users can assign personnel who have same time schedule and from different departments to the same attendance group, set group rule and assign schedule for the group.

Rule Priority: Group Rule > Department Rule > Global Rule
Schedule Priority: Temporary Schedule > Employee Schedule > Group Schedule > Department Schedule
  Batch Import Function
    Users can refer to the import template, input the data and import employee schedule, temporary schedule, application of manual log, leave, overtime by batch.
  Weekly Overtime Calculation
    Only when the weekly accumulated work hour exceeds the minimum hour of the set work hour range, the software will start to calculate the overtime of the personnel.
  Attendance Reports and Calculation
    Filtering attendance records by department, area and group.
Users can save filters (excluding the Period) and report fields as a template; next time, users just need to load the template to check the data of related attendance report.
The attendance reports can be exported in CSV, PDF, TXT, and XLS format.
Once there is a new punch record or approved leave, overtime application etc., the software will start attendance calculation automatically.
  Meeting Module
    Simple meeting management helps users to manage meeting devices, meeting rooms, meeting applications, meeting attendees and attendance of the attendee.
  Visitor Module (Optional)
    Visitor Module is integrated with Access Control Module to provide a way to easily control, record and track visitors. It implements entry registration, exit registration, visitor reservation and so on.
  Simple Access Control Module
    A simple access control module that can set up the access control settings on the time & attendance devices.
  Payroll Management

  Report Format Customization
    BioTime provides some great instance to customize and build your own report format with the slelected fields which allow user to gain valuable insights from the tools.
  Database Backup and Restore
    BioTime now supports database backup function. The user can arrange a backup schedule from the shortest backup per second to the longest per month. It also supports PostgreSQL database restoring.
  Database Migration
    BioTime can support database migration from different ZKTeco previous software such as WDMS5, BioTime and ZKTime.web. Once the setting has completed, the database can be migrated automatically.
  New Searching tools
    In this version, every single page of the BioTime now has a newly added Bookmarks & Filter function. Administration staff can bookmark relevant pages and use the filter function to obtain necessary information according to their needs.
  Employee Self-Service
    Employees can log in to the platform, check their attendance and payroll records, and make visitor reservations. Employees can apply for leave, logs check, work overtime, and holding meetings, which are to be approved by the manager or admin.
  Auto Export of Attendance Transactions and Reports
    The attendance transactions and reports can be exported to the specific server path, email account , FTP and SFTP severs automatically according to the frequency set.
  Forget Password
    When a user has set his/her email address on the platform, and forgets the password, he/she can ask for password reset via the Forgot Password function.
  Flexible Meeting Room Booking
    In order to solve scheduling conicts caused by the ineffective allocation of limited meeting room, BioTime offers a new module – “Meeting” for meeting room booking and reservation. It provides standardized meeting management process and formulation of audit mechanism, which increase meeting room's utilization rate. It also enables digital management of the meeting room.
  Find and Book a Meeting Room
    Users may use search filter to fnd a meeting room that meets your requirements of specific time,capacity and location.
Check meeting room list to see which rooms are available at the moment and book now or make reservation. With simply a few clicks you get an available meeting room and reserve it.
  Find an Key Attendants
    Applicants are able to set search criteria to fnd and invite key attendants to join meeting by name.
  Instant Booking or Approval from the Management
    Simple and easy to fnd and manage all bookings on the platform, and easy to manage approvals of applications of reservation to use meeting room with specific date and time.
  Clear Availability and Export data
    The software of BioTime shows clearly that meeting rooms are available at specific time.
All room booking data can be exported in files to keep your administration details up to date or to use it to invoice your members.
  Visitor Registration
    BioTime has a user-friendly and all-in-one personnel registration interface, which can enable administrators to put visitor’s information and user’s photo on a single page.
Once a visitor is registered by the reception, he will be authorized to access to the designated secured area within a range of time.
  Pre-arrival Registration for Visitor
    Visitors can be able to be registered before the meeting date, he will therefore be allowed to go directly to the meeting room without any permission at the period of time.
  Visitor Module Supports Visible Light Facial Recognition
    Administrator can use the photo upload function in the visitor registration page to register visible light facial templates and share with all Visible Light Facial Recognition Terminals.
After successful registration, visitors may automatically have access rights to designated areas or meeting room by facial recognition to save manual workload.
  Real-time Data Transmission
    The data from the inter-regional terminals can be monitored in real-time, and you can manage attendance, personnel, device, and payroll in one system.
  Multiple Languages
    BioTime supports multiple languages, including English, Arabic, Spanish, Thai, Russian, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Turkish and Japanese.
  Integration with Line Application (Selected Location)
    BioTime 8.0 is integrated in LINE mobile application to send attendance logs and attendance photos from the software to LINE in real-time. It can also send daily attendance reports to the Team Leader through LINE.
  Security Settings
    Users can set the login verification code, password validity, password strength and such on the platform to enhance the data security of the software.
  Super User Creation
    After installation, the user needs to create a super user first. And then log in to the software as the created super user.
  Theme Color Setting
    We make it easy to coordinate colors and themes across your BioTime, and users can change the theme or customize colors via the setting of BioTime.
  Personnel Validity Periods
    While the employment type is set as Tempory or Probation, users can set the validity period of the personnel account. Starting from the expiry date, the personnel account will be deleted from the related device automatically.
  Daylight Saving Time
    Users can set daylight saving time by date/time or by week/day for related devices.
  Personnel Photo Capture
    When HTTPS has been enabled, users can access the software through the HTTPS address, and they can take photos of passers-by using a USB camera or the computer’s built-in camera.