D147-H Encoder, a non-contact smart USB hotel IC card encoder based on an international standard ISO / IEC14443 A protocol, works perfectly with the ZKBioSecurity Online Hospitality software. The encoder uses USB interface for power supply. Its simple operation, stable card reading performance, plus compatibility with plenty card types make it a good fit for RFID applications such as hotel, access control, time & attendance, security, patrol, etc.
Model D147-H Encoder
Dimensions 107 * 107 * 23 (mm) (wire length: 1,500mm)
International Standard ISO / IEC 14443 A
Card Supporting (read-only) S50 / S70 / DESfire / NTAG213 / NTAG216 / Ultralight / FM1204 / FM12
Card Supporting (Read and Write) S50 / S70 / DESfire / NTAG213 / NTAG216 / Ultralight / FM1204 / FM1208
Read Range 0 ~ 3cm (depends on the work environment and card type)
Operating Humidity 13.56MHz
Power Supply DC 5V (±4%)
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +70°C
Storage -20°C ~ +80°C
D147-H Leaflet
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